Our Disclaimer
On behalf of Teacher Derek, John, Johannes, Peter, Ren and myself we just want to say JOB WELL DONE guys!  You have all worked really hard over the past few weeks as part of the remedial program and have improved much through your participation in it.  We are ALL very proud of the work you have accomplished.

We are exceedingly confident that for those of you who have regularly attended class, your retest on Tuesday and Wednesday is going to go much easier than you might imagine.

Have faith in yourself.  You've worked hard and deserve success.  Try not to get too nervous.  We know how important this is for you all, but staying relaxed and alert is what is going to get you through this.  Read the questions in the test carefully and try to remember everything you have been taught in the past few weeks. (LOL)

This is your time to shine.  Good luck in your exam, we are all rooting for you to do well.  It has been a real pleasure to teach you all!
You can do this guys.  We
belive in YOU!

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You guys are AWESOME!